July 22, 2020

Playground remains shut due to Covid Restrictions

Despite national restrictions being lifted Bradford Council refuse to open play areas including Granby Lane ....

In line with the Government’s relaxation of Covid-19 restrictions, Bradford Council is preparing to re-open some outdoor sport and fitness equipment in our parks over the coming weeks.

Our parks contain almost 100-multi-use games areas (MUGAs) and outdoor gyms which will start to become available by the middle of this month for use by young people.

To keep people safe all the equipment and areas will be fully inspected by experts and provided with clear distancing and user guidance signs before re-opening.

All adults using these areas must comply with the legal social distancing and public health provisions that are currently in force.

The multi-use games areas give opportunities for adults and young people to participate in structured and focused outdoor exercise and informal recreational sport to support and improve their physical and psychological well-being.

Our parks have been vital in supporting people’s need to enjoy the outdoors during the lockdown and the re-opening of more facilities will enhance that role.

For health and wellbeing reasons the children’s play equipment in our parks will have to remain closed and off limits for the time being.

We would like to remind parents and carers to ensure that children stay away from those areas and to comply with social distancing in parks at all times.

It is extremely important that we remember that this virus is still with us and we must do everything we can to stop the infection spreading.

Cllr Sarah Ferriby, Bradford Council’s Executive Member for Healthy People and Places, said: “This is not an exact science and there are no certainties, but following the Government’s recent relaxation of the lockdown rules, we feel the time is right to unlock the gates to multi-use games areas and outside gyms for the use of young people and adults.

“We have to balance the risks of causing long-term harm caused by keeping these areas closed or opening them up again while the virus is still with us.

“We will also have to make sure that information signs are in place to help people enjoy themselves in a safe manner. As for the children’s play equipment we hope that it will soon be safe enough for us to allow these to re-open as soon as possible.”





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